MECANEX Kick off Meeting

On the 13th of January 2015 the kick off meeting of the Mecanex project took place. It was hosted in Greece by the Coordinator, VCI.

The meeting marked the official start of the project and aimed at producing a clear road plan for the next six months. This was achieved by agreeing on the work, responsibilities and deadlines of each department, as well as by pinpointing the real needs of the project when compared to the original workplan.

Each member of the team had prepared a PowerPoint presentation to bring everyone up to speed on the needs of their respective parts. When all the data had been taken into account, the tools that comprise the platform had been clearly defined, providing an operational and functional framework of Mecanex.

To celebrate the beginning of what we expect to evolve into one great project, the group then proceeded to the Orizontes restaurant, situated high on Lycabetus Hill. Against a backdrop of the entire city of Athens, with the Acropolis picked out in light, a toast and a commitment were made: to renew our hard work and dedication, to bring to fruition the Mecanex platform and to continue on the same path of innovation that we have always walked.

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