Mecanex 3rd Plenary Meeting- Rome

The third full meeting of the consortium representatives took place between 22 and 23 June, 2015 and presented the team with a very interesting opportunity in addition to the discussions about the project!

As before, the meeting took the form of a series of discussions around each work package, but this time there was much more concrete data to work with, as the team had made significant progress during the past few months. Demos were ready for each of the tools, along with various results from face, landmarks and objects recognition. To close out the meeting, some remaining issues were brought up for each of the work packages and solutions were suggested by all and planned by the appropriate representatives.

However, the highlight of the meeting was a visit to Cinecittà World, a movie-themed amusement park celebrating the legendary Italian studio where many classic productions have taken place. From Italian cinema staples La Dolce Vita to Hollywood epics Ben-Hur and Cleopatra, and even some newer productions like Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York and Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, walking through the paths of Cinecittà World gives the impression of walking through movie history. What better place to draw inspiration for the future of automatic video annotations?