MECANEX 2nd Plenary Meeting- Amsterdam

On March 9 & 10, 2015, representatives of all the partners conducted the first MECANEX plenary meeting, hosted by the Noterik B.V.

First order of business was to go over administrative issues and to establish the main objective of the meeting, which was to monitor the project’s progress over the first three months of development and to refine action points, responsibilities and deadlines for the following three months.

This was followed by a series of discussions concerning each of the work packages from WP2 to WP5, with package leaders giving an overview of the progress made so far and highlighting any problems that might have arisen during that time, in order to bring all participants up to speed on the various developments of the project.

The topics included a discussion of the use cases, an in-depth look at each of the tools as well as their integration within existing production infrastructures and an analysis of the dissemination plans.

However, the main advantage of the meeting was not the coordination of the partners nor the presentation of information, as this could all have been done through emails and skype chats. What makes meetings like this so important is the physical proximity of partners, which facilitates the free exchange of ideas and helps to strengthen the team’s bonds, making all future interactions easier and less prone to miscommunication.

We came out of the meetings with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear roadmap for the next few months. It is now time to put them to good use moving ahead in the development of MECANEX.